New Life Community Church strives to be a place where people can feel comfortable coming to church no matter what their background with church is. Our coffeehouse is a full service coffeehouse that can make whatever coffee drink you are looking for.


What is the Oasis Coffeehouse all about?

You may feel a bit uneasy coming to church, and you’re not alone. You may think what will I talk to people about? What questions will people ask me? Don’t worry about us. We desire to help everyone find a closer relationship with Jesus. But, we want to break down the walls that stand in the way of getting you to that relationship. So, come have a latte and enjoy our community.

Is the Oasis Coffeehouse Open on Sunday mornings?

Yes we are! We make all of our coffee drinks up until the start of the service. During the service, black coffee is still available. However, we shut down the espresso machine during services.

Is the Oasis Coffee House open during the week?

Currently we are open Tuesday mornings from 9:00am-12:00pm. Come and enjoy your favorite drink and some good conversation. We look forward to seeing you there.